Chambers troupe

To show the image of Hongqiao Chamber of Commerce to promote the party's principles and policies, active cultural life, enhance corporate image provides a solid platform. May 2006, formed a "Hongqiao Chamber of Commerce Troupe", the company chairman Mr. Bao Xiu Song's Performing Art Troupe.

Troupe to "improve the artistic quality, strengthen literary accomplishment, serve the local economy, the Chamber of Commerce show style" for the purpose of recruiting more than 40 full-time actor and part-time actor with extensive experience in stage performances, the formation of the dance team, folk art team, band, repairing clothing, musical instruments, lighting and audio equipment, including part-time actor from the Hongqiao each member of the Chamber of Commerce has a literary talent of migrant workers, can wrote, directed, and acted in various cultural programs.

From the date of the formation of the troupe, he went into business, go to the countryside, and actively participate in building a new socialist countryside, full of contemporary building a harmonious society and other social justice campaigns, often active in Hongqiao and the surrounding area festivals, literary get-together wait a movable stage. Invited to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival Wenzhou, China (Wenzhou) agricultural characteristics Fair, Yueqing City, the second session of the Culture and Art Festival, CCTV passion Square we sing, Wenzhou City, the first farmers Culture and Art Festival closing awards show, environmental protection, anti-drug, energy saving, family planning, new rural construction and other publicity tour performances. 2009 to participate in "Zhejiang Stars Award" special dance performances won the gold medal game, the team participated in Zhejiang Province, the professional group art competitions won double gold medal performances creation.

"Hongqiao Chamber of Commerce" troupe of high-level performances, not only enhance the image of Hongqiao Chamber of Commerce, a new horizon blazed a new path for the Chamber of work, but also for the construction of spiritual civilization has achieved a lot in Yueqing City, leaders at all levels and social the height of all walks of life affirmation. Since last July, Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission Deputy Director Hu Yuping, Wenzhou Municipal Propaganda Department Minister Cao flag, Vice Minister Pan Wenzhou Municipal United Front Work Department, a new, Wenzhou City, deputy director of the Population and Family Planning yellow literature, Minister of Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Chen Shengfeng Yueqing, Yueqing municipal United Front Work Department Giuseppe months leading successively to the troupe visit condolences to all the cast and crew, highly appreciated the achievements of the performance troupe.

With the expansion of the influential troupe, this year in August, Chamber Ensemble was Yueqing Municipal Propaganda Department recommended candidate "cultural construction province demonstration" units. September 4, Provincial Propaganda Department career, Yao Jian, researcher at the line, accompanied by Deputy Minister of Wenzhou Municipal Propaganda Department Wang Zu Fu inspect troupe down and watched the troupe's report shows.

"Serve the local economy, the Chamber of Commerce to show charisma." Troupe will strengthen the entire cast and crew artistic and technical research, fight for the show in the future to bring more exciting programs for the city audience.