HR policy

Personnel training and use

People's talent is the fundamental development of the company, the company's efforts to promote and encourage the personal development of employees, and continue to provide them with the practical stage of my ability to adapt.

Company's policy is: find talent, training, talent, develop talent. To protect through salaries and benefits, employee growth equity incentive plan, tutorial system, a comprehensive training system implementation.

After training, training of personnel, who have achieved, outstanding performance, the company will be entrusted with the task exception to actively support their temper in practice to improve. Companies with eclectic talent, Wei Yin energetics.

The company encourages creative talents, both in management, marketing and technical aspects. Innovation fruitful, through promotion, promotion, bonuses, honor, recognition, etc. to be recognized and supported.

Company managers at all levels must identify and nurture talent as one of the elements work. At any time under the care of the staff working and living conditions.

The company fully respects the personal wishes are hiring employees.

Career Development

Through employee career management system and support mechanisms to help employees build career development plan to achieve career goals. The two-way selection for the post to protect employees find the most suitable for their own space, and fair performance evaluation system, targeted training programs, improve the reserve personnel training system so that employees talent into full play.

Recognition and reward

1. For the employees who learn effective performance, the company will be ready to recognize and reward.

2. Where a company-wide recognition and reward staff, general manager, first by department heads over the nomination, finally approved and announced by the president.

3. Staff with on their own, the company responsible for the spirit, and actively reflect the full extent of the communication channels of their work on the organization of work tasks less, the burden light or ahead of schedule tasks until the president should be made ​​to the relevant manager, the company paid special attention to strict in self-discipline, heavy responsibilities of employees.

4. Promotion and recognition of employees are based on facts, not deceive, cheat, virtual, otherwise press disciplinary process.

5. The company established incentive leave system, for the company's employees have made outstanding contributions may be given paid leave or junket.